Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello fellow Söldner-X gamers and blog readers. In the official Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype blog you will find first hand information about our upcoming video game project, published by eastasiasoft and currently in development at SideQuest Studios.

Edging closer to its release, we will explain you the most interesting features, including the game's dynamic play rank, chaining and scoring system. We will also keep you updated with new screenshots, videos and any other interesting information.

This is also the space where we will update you with confirmed release details, so make sure to bookmark us, check back frequently or subscribe to our RSS feed.

For more product details, also visit www.soldner-x.com.


Arkien said...

I'm really excited about this game! I bought Soldner-X in 2008 and I play each day! A release date?

Hope that you kept the keys system and a hidden stage =).

Ricky said...

Did you guys take out 2 player co-op mode? It is not mention in the 'About' section.

eastasiasoft said...

Hi guys, thanks for your first comments. There's a 2-player mode in SX2. Apart from secret keys and hidden stages, there are more things to unlock in SX2.

There's also going to be one more feature we are yet to announce. :)

Arkien said...

One more feature not announced yet? =) Can't wait for that!

About PSN trophies, I want to say I love "hard to get" ones. That's enough with games you owned all trophies in one day, or even a month. In one year I only have 33% of SX trophies and that's great! I continue playing this game because there is a goal... and sure I will continue playing even if SX2 is out; just to get the impossible and nightmare trophies!

Thanks a lot for your work. I really appreciate what you done.

Anonymous said...

"There's a 2-player mode in SX2"

Co-op offline or online?

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