Week #1 recap: Who is leading the pack?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here's a quick recap of what has happened during the first week (between May 25th until now):

Total scores uploaded:18,867
Current high score:075.664.090 (CrushPunch)
Number of space rogues:3
Highest player level:21 (BorderDown, Yogie84, netrot)
Most scores uploaded:101 (AlgoTomar)
Most enemies killed:78275 (BorderDown)
Total enemies killed:19,570,185
Total chain rings collected:41,263,102
Total secret keys collected:141,598
Total extras collected:2,377,382
Ship stats:Mexxus II: 51%, Thor: 45%, Ship 3: 4%

Congratulations to all of you guys. There's currently a great battle at the top of the leaderboards with CrushPunch leading the pack (with a score of 075.664.090), shortly followed by Zafro (071.362.246). Other outstanding performers have been alucard585 (062.522.652), Postmanjr (058.441.515), Hsanrb (057.490.523) and Delci for being most active and helpful on our forums. :)

Don't forget, you can find detailed online high score ranking stats on soldner-x.com. If you have suggestions regarding our online rankings or simply like to chat with fellow Soldner-X gamers, then make sure to visit and join our forums.

Note: All stats are based on uploaded scores only!


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