100M score mark broken by Yogie84

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Congratulations to fellow Soldner-X 2 gamer Yogie84, who has managed to be the first one breaking through the 100M score barrier last night. Yogie84 already came very close on July 13th (scoring a not less impressive 098.300.193 points), but it wasn't meant to be until July 24th when he finally managed to pull through a near perfect run, scoring an amazing 107.610.947 points on "extra hard" difficulty.

Watching back his replay, Yogie84 received an 'S' rating on each stage's victory screen without losing a single life and only dropping down to an 'A' play rank on a few occasions. During his run he achieved 3176 kills, collected 6669 chain rings, successfully completed 104 chains and grabbed a total of 26 keys.

You can find more stats from Yogie (and all other Soldner-X 2 gamers, including yourself) on soldner-x.com. The replay can be watched back through your Soldner-X 2 game, simply select "high scores" in the main menu and browse to the top score on "extra hard" difficulty.

Finally this leaves us with just one question in mind. Who is going to top this (other than Yogie84 himself) before The Last Chapter comes out?


DarkAkatosh said...

Congrats Yogie, quite an accomplishment. Keep increasing the score!

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