The Last Chapter trophy details

Friday, August 27, 2010

To all those trophy hunters (and of course anyone else that likes to suck up more information about the upcoming Söldner-X 2 DLC add-on) out there, we are pleased to let you know that 'The Last Chapter' will add an additional 11 trophies (9 bronze, 2 silver) to the game, making it a total of not less than 25 trophies that are just waiting to be unlocked.

Here's the full list. You can also look up additional trophies of the base game right here.

01. Speed Gunner: Clear challenge 'Speed Gunner'
02. Stage Keys: Clear challenge 'Stage Keys'
03. Speed Collector: Clear challenge 'Speed Collector'
04. Rank Master: Clear challenge 'Rank Master'
05. Kill Collector: Clear challenge 'Kill Collector 1'
06. Score Collector: Clear challenge 'Score Collector 1'
07. Hellfire: Clear challenge 'Hellfire'
08. The Last Chapter: Complete the tenth stage ('Inner Core') at any difficulty level
09. -hidden-

01. King of unlockables: Unlock at least seven specials
02. Key Master: Collect all 15 secret keys in stage eight through ten


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