V2.00 patch live this week

Monday, October 18, 2010

Time to warm up again with the Söldner-X 2 V2.00 patch before The Last Chapter launches in early November. Completely free of charge and available to all Söldner-X 2 gamers, the patch adds the following new functions to your game:

  • A new Massive Attack difficulty mode (more info below)
  • A 'skip world' function in replay mode
  • The Last Chapter DLC support (DLC needs to be purchased separately)
  • A number of smaller improvements and bug fixes

The biggest addition is certainly the new Massive Attack difficulty mode. Originally planned to be bundled only with the upcoming DLC, it's now becoming available to all Söldner-X 2 gamers.

Massive Attack unlocks simultaneously with the Extra Hard difficulty mode. In other words, all you need to do is complete the full game (stage 1-7) on hard difficulty mode. Credit feeding is allowed and if you have already unlocked Extra Hard before, then Massive Attack will be available once the patch has been installed.

Massive Attack has been designed for players looking for an even more challenging game play experience. Although the play rank system is still in place for scoring reasons, the game constantly runs on the highest possible play rank.

Are you ready for the challenge? Go find it out. V2.00 patch is expected to go live on or before October 20th.


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